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    Our story began about 30 years ago in 1985.We dedicate our business to products by industry and The USA market is our main target.Over the years our organization has evolved into more than 20 different areas of manufacturing. I ask only one thing of all of our team members, Excellence in our daily endeavors for our customers, after all...MORE>>>

    Our Goal

    --- 100% Non-Defect

    --- 100% On Time Delivery

    Why choose Sino Ample MFG

    Sino Ample MFG Consultation

    Consult with Sino Ample MFG engineers whenever you need advice on product design or material selection that will facilitate your production.


    Direct Customer Service

    Sino Ample MFG customers benefit from direct contact with technical staff, ensuring project success from start to finish.

    Superior Part, Competitive Price

    We carefully evaluate each inquiry submitted for quotation, giving you a superior part at the best price.


    Choose your Material

    Sino Ample MFG has substantial experience in stamping a variety of metals, using only top quality materials.


    Additional Services

    Our customers can take advantage of our versatile capabilities to achieve any production goal.

    Although we haven't seen it all, there isn't much we haven't seen. We are an experienced problem solver.



    "Excellence is our trademark™"