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Sino Ample Group LTD   

*Specializing in OEM custom items for manufacturers all over the world   

*Monitoring all phases of the order and production process   

*Responsible for all Quality Control and inspections   

*List products with certification agencies such as UL, CSA, ISO, etc.

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Sino Ample MFG CO.LTD
*Handles the production and assembly process
*Employs efficient manufacturing methods
*Strives for continuous improvement in all aspects of the manufacturing process


Sino Global Enterprises LTD   

*Sells commodity based items to all countries except the USA.   

*Support staff to expedite shipments and orchestrate Quality inspections.


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Hangzhou Sino Ample Import Export Co.LTD   

*Handles export process for Sino Ample, Sino Global and Sino Ample MFG